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Designer pieces

The goal of the Tente brand is to make you feel special even in everyday life. We don't just offer clothes, but designer-quality creations that are perfect down to the smallest detail. We are especially proud of our latest collection, Porondra!, which draws inspiration from the magical world of the circus.

Seasonal Collections: Always Fresh and Exciting

Inspiration and Creativity

We are constantly coming up with new ideas and trends to offer fresh and exciting collections season after season. Each collection is inspired by a special theme that we bring to life during the design process. In the current season, the magical world of the circus provided the inspiration that Porondra! embodied in a collection.


On Poron! Collection: The Magic of the Circus

Unique Design

On Poron! collection pieces evoke the colorful and cheerful world of the circus. Each garment is individually designed with carefully crafted details that reflect the atmosphere of the circus. The cotton candy, merry-go-round, horse and ticket models all bring the circus experiences closer to children.

Details That Make You Special

Every detail of Tente's clothes is the result of careful planning. From the names of the clothes to the last thread, we make sure that every piece is perfect. Small decorations, special seams and unique buttons all contribute to Porondra! collection clothes should be really special.

Photography in the Capital Circus

Spectacular Campaign

On Poron! collection's campaign photoshoot was held at the Great Circus in Fővárosi, so that the garments were presented in the most authentic environment possible. The colorful and magical world of the circus provided the perfect backdrop for the photo shoot, during which the children could experience real circus experiences.

The Magic of the Circus Comes to Life

During the filming of the campaign material, the children could enjoy the circus attractions, while the Porondra! they posed in pieces of the collection. The spectacular and colorful images faithfully reflect the playful and fun atmosphere of the collection and perfectly evoke the magic of the circus.

Tente's designer clothes are perfect not only for special occasions, but also for everyday wear. Unique design, seasonal inspirations and carefully crafted details all contribute to making our clothes truly special. On Poron! collection, we brought the magical world of the circus into children's wardrobes to make every day a little more special.

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