Size Changer - Keeping Up With Growth

Adjustable Clothes: Practicality and Comfort

Children grow quickly, and this often makes it a challenge to choose the right clothes. With this problem in mind, Tente created its adjustable clothing collection that keeps pace with children's growth. These garments are designed to withstand 1-2 size changes, so they remain wearable for a longer period of time.

Tie Tops and Overalls

Tente's small tops and overalls have tie-down elements that allow for easy size adjustment. The shoulder and chest width can be easily adjusted with the help of the fastening straps of the tops, so that the dress fits comfortably to the child's body. And the ties at the waist of the overalls ensure that it always fits properly and does not slide down or up while playing.

Belted Length Pants

Tente's long trousers can be adjusted to three different lengths, thanks to the clip-on legs. This practical solution allows us to adjust the length of the pants to the child's growth, so they can be worn for up to two or three seasons.

Rubber Waist: Flexible Comfort

Pants with an elasticated waist provide maximum comfort for children. The elastic waist follows your growth and always ensures a comfortable fit. This is especially important during play, as children can move freely, run and climb without being hindered by their clothing.


Free Movement and Breathable Materials

Play and Adventure Every Day

Adjustable clothes are not only practical, but also support children's free movement. Play and adventure are part of children's lives every day, and our clothes are designed to provide maximum comfort even in these moments. The adjustable elements ensure that the garment always fits perfectly, whether they are climbing, running or jumping.

Breathable Materials

Our clothes are made of breathable, natural materials that ensure proper ventilation and comfort. These materials are not only pleasant to the touch, but also help prevent sweating and irritation. This way, children can feel comfortable all day long, no matter what adventure they take part in.

Our adjustable clothing collection is the perfect choice for any parent who plans for the long term. Tie-on tops, overalls, and pants with clip-on length allow clothes to withstand 1-2 size changes, so they stay wearable for longer. Adjustable elements and an elastic waist ensure comfort and free movement, while breathable materials guarantee adequate ventilation. Choose Tente and provide your child with maximum comfort and style every day!

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